Eclipse in Central Oregon

Central Oregon has the highest concentration of airports within the zone of totality and they are the most accessable due to general close proximity to major highways – primarily I-5.

All of the central Oregon airports that will experience 1 minute or more of totality have fuel.

It is important to remember that there are no hotels available anywhere near these airports and that water, food, and restroom facilities may be very limited or not available depending on the level of preparation that is made.  Camping may or may not be allowed on the field, but if it is allowed, there may be major competition for camping spots with the anticipated throng of people coming to view the eclipse.

The Central Oregon temperatures are forecast to be moderate – in the lower 80’s, but the August sun is intense.  Bring plenty of water, concentrated food, and a source of shade.  Fill your tanks prior to landing at your destination and have a backup plan in case there is no parking to be had at your chosen airport.

Only airports with a minute or more of totality are listed here.  If your airport is in the zone of totality and will have events, please use the contact form at the bottom to send me details and I will include them.

Salem (KSLEEclipse Info  Google Map

Totality: 1m 54s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:26
Totality Start: 10:17:21
Fuel: Yes
Approach: Yes (with Tower)
Rwy: 5800′ 13/31
Rwy: 5100′ 16/34
Camping on field: NO

Salem enjoys an excellent view of Mt. Jefferson from the west and should be able to see the shadow of the moon move up and down the mountain as the eclipse progresses.

There are no remaining reservations for Salem airport.  If you do not have a reservation, you will not be able to park your plane and will have to depart.

Contact Ron Peters at Salem Air Center (503-364-0111) for more info.

Independence (7S5Eclipse Info  Google Map

Totality: 2m 0s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:13
Totality Start: 10:17:03
Fuel: Yes
Approach: No
Rwy: 3100′ 16/34
Camping on field: Unknown

Within Central Oregon, Independence is the airport closest to the centerline of totality and will have the most darkness. There is a lot of parking and they have fuel and a restaurant – The Starduster Cafe. There is likely to be major crowds at the airport, and restroom facilities are limited. Independence is a little ways away from I-5 and so the crowd may be somewhat less.

If you fly to here, be aware of the Salem Class D airspace quite close to the east.  Also be ready for the possibility that there simply will be no place to park if you land and that you will have to depart immediately.

The city of Independence will be having a celebration. See

Corvallis (KCVO)

Totality: 1m 40s (based on the city – airport will have somewhat less)
Eclipse Start: 09:04:54
Totality Start: 10:16:56
Fuel: Yes
Approach: Yes
Rwy: 5900′ 17/35
Rwy: 3500′ 09/27
Camping on field: Unknown

Corvallis has a lot of available space for parking and they have fuel but water and restroom facilities could be a problem here. The city of Corvallis is having major events associated with the eclipse, but right now there is no word on anything at the airport.  I’ve been trying to contact the airport manager for info – with no luck yet.  Stay tuned.

Albany (S12)  Eclipse Info  Google Map

Totality: 1m 52s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:05
Totality Start: 10:17:05
Fuel: Yes
Approach: No
Rwy: 3000′ 16/34
Camping on field: YES

Albany airport is a premium viewing location for the eclipse and aviation centric plans are underway.  There is plenty of aircraft parking, they have fuel and there are two large restaurants in walking distance from the field.

According to Tony Hann at Infinite Air Center, they have no more reservations available for the Eclipse.  If you do not have a reservation, they will not be able to park you and you will have to depart.

Lebanon State (S30)

Totality: 1m 38s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:09
Totality Start: 10:17:23
Fuel: Yes
Approach No
Rwy: 2800′ 16/34
Camping on field: YES

Lebanon Airport is set away from I-5 a ways which may reduce the crowds. I just received information from the folks at Lebanon State that they will be allowing camping and will be providing facilities.

LebanAir Aviation will provide FREE 24/7 use of facilities ( bathrooms, shower, etc. ) for pilots and their passengers flying in for the event.  There is ample area for camping and tie-down on the grassy field adjacent to the FBO.  ( A limited number of paved tie-down spaces will fill up quick — first come first served”

As of 10 August, LebanAir reports that they still have 2 paved tie-down spots that can be reserved and they have about 40 planes worth of space in grass parking.  Under the wing camping will be allowed in the grass parking spots.  First come-first serve.

See the LebanAir Aviation website for more information and contact information.

Davis Airport (6S4) Eclipse Info Google Map

Totality: 2m 1s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:45
Totality Start: 10:17:58
Fuel: No
Approach No
Rwy: 1900′ 17/25 – TURF
Camping on field: Unknown

If you are able to get into and out of a 1900′ turf field, then this might be a good destination. This is a privately owned, public use airport 1 mile south of the town of Gates (across the Santiam River) and about 3 miles east of Mill City. There is no fuel, no facilities, water, restrooms. The status of the fields near this strip are unknown for camping. Call the airport manager.

If you go here, have a backup plan.  The airport might not be able to accomodate you due to crowds.  Make sure you have enough gas but keep in mind runway length and that this is turf.  Also be aware that any wind will reliably be a crosswind here.  Factor that into the equation.

On the other hand, this airport offers 1 second more of totality than Independence.

Other airports in Central Oregon which will experience less than 1 minute of totality:

McMinnville (KMMV) Eclipse info
Aurora State (KUAO) Eclipse info
Mulino State (4S9) Eclipse info
Lenhardt (7S9) Eclipse info