Airports Known to Allow Camping

Here is what I have for airports that are known to be allowing camping on the field during the eclipse.  This is the same information as on the main pages.

August is the height of fire season in Oregon and there will be burn restrictions in place for open fires.  Also, be sure to check for firefighting related TFRs – especially in Eastern Oregon.

Oregon Coast

None.  More information as it becomes available.

Central Oregon

Albany (S12)  Eclipse Info  Google Map

Totality: 1m 52s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:05
Totality Start: 10:17:05
Fuel: Yes
Approach: No
Rwy: 3000′ 16/34
Camping on field: YES (NO PARKING AVAILABLE)

Albany airport is a premium viewing location for the eclipse and aviation centric plans are underway.  There is plenty of aircraft parking, they have fuel and there are two large restaurants in walking distance from the field.

According to Tony Hann at Infinite Air Center, all of the parking and camping spots are reserved.  If you do not have a reservation, you will not be able to park and will have to depart.  See Infinite Air Center web site for contact information.

Lebanon State (S30)

Totality: 1m 38s
Eclipse Start: 09:05:09
Totality Start: 10:17:23
Fuel: Yes
Approach No
Rwy: 2800′ 16/34
Camping on field: YES

Lebanon Airport is set away from I-5 a ways which may reduce the crowds. I just received information from the folks at Lebanon State that they will be allowing camping and will be providing facilities.

LebanAir Aviation will provide FREE 24/7 use of facilities ( bathrooms, shower, etc. ) for pilots and their passengers flying in for the event.  There is ample area for camping and tie-down on the grassy field adjacent to the FBO.  ( A limited number of paved tie-down spaces will fill up quick — first come first served”

As of 10 August, LebanAir reports that they still have 3 paved tie-down spots that can be reserved and they have lots of grass parking and camping in the field next to the FBO that are first come-first serve.

See the LebanAir Aviation website for more information and contact information.

Eastern Oregon

Santiam Junction (8S3) Eclipse Info Google Map
Designated Warning Airport

Totality: 1m 30-ish s – no nearby town
Eclipse start: 09:07 – or so
Totality start: 10:19 – or so
Fuel: No
Approach: No
Rwy: 2800′ 16/24 – field elevation 3800 MSL
Camping on field: YES

I’ve included Santiam Junction Airport for those who have back-country experience.  Read the Warning Airport info.   If you don’t have this experience and a plane that is capable, this is definitely not for you.  This is a one-way in, one-way out airport.  Wind direction doesn’t matter.  It is shorter than standard for the elevation.  The runway is volcanic cinders.  There is no fuel, services, water, anything.  No town for 15 miles or so.  The facility next to the runway is a highway maintenance facility.  Don’t count on getting any services there.  If you are good with all that and have back-country experience and a capable airplane, this might be for you.  You can count on conditions being quite rough for departure.

On the other hand, you are likely to have a great view of the eclipse away from the hordes of people.  If this is your choice, consider Sisters Airport (6K5) – 19nm SE –  as a resupply base.  They have loaner bikes (with baskets) for the short ride into town.

Madras (S33) Eclipse Info  Google Map

Totality 2m 2s
Eclipse start: 09:06:43
Totality start: 10:19:36
Fuel: yes
Approach: yes
Rwy: 5100′ 16/34
Rwy: 2700′ 04/22 (will probably be closed to accommodate anticipated traffic)
Camping on field: YES (Madras is sold out)

Madras is pretty much eclipse central for eastern Oregon.  It is almost right on centerline of totality and the view of the shadow of the moon on Mt Jefferson promises to be epic.  OregonSolarFest will be right next to the airport, so there will be plenty of resources available for the anticipated 70,000 people.  So far, this is the most organized of the events that are at/near an airport.

Madras airport has made extensive plans to support the anticipated crowd for the eclipse.  They will be accomodating about 500 aircraft and folks with reservations can camp under the wing.  See the Madras Airport website for more information.  All reservations to land and park at Madras are SOLD OUT.  Do not plan to day trip unless you have a reservation.  Without a reservation you will not be permitted to land.

A temporary tower will be established at Madras Airport from Saturday 18 August – Monday 21 August.   Watch for the NOTAM and check their website regularly.

Plan for extensive delays in departing Madras on 21 August.  Departures will be scheduled.

Monument (12S) Eclipse Info Google Map

Camping on field:  NO (change)

I have received a correction from the airport at Monument and they will not be permitting camping on the airport.  All of the very few parking spots at the airport are now reserved.  Monument will be unable to accomodate any arrivals who do not have a reservation.